Get Your Freshers Wristband From £10!
Get Your Freshers Wristband From £10!


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The long-awaited Preston Freshers 2019 Wristband now in its 11th year. This Wristband gets you free entry into Preston Freshers events + Q Jump & loads of other freebies and perks. Can you put a price on waiting in a Q for an hour in the cold & getting told sorry its full? With buying a wristband, you don't have to worry!


Saturday 14th - Switch Saturdays Relaunch PA 

Sunday 15th - Freshers Foam Party ft H two 0 platnum 

 Monday 16th - Pumpy Relaunch - 

 Tuesday 17th - Skoolies ft Cascada 

 Wednesday 18th - Game On Ballers 

 Wednesday 18th - Juicey Wednesdays ft JOEL CORRY 

 Thursday 19th - Freak Of the Week 

 Friday 20th - Quids 

 Saturday 21st - Switch Saturdays ft Tulisa 

 Sunday 22nd - Super Sunday Rift

Sunday 22nd - Student Bingo at 53 

 Monday 23rd - Pumpy PA? 

 Tuesday 24th - Phone Quiz Ballers 

 Wednesday 25th - Game On - Ballers 99P 

 Wednesday 25th - Juicey Wednesdays ft PA 

 Thursday 26th - Freak of the weekFriday 27th - Quids 

 Saturday 28th - Switch Saturdays PA 

 Sunday 29th - Closing Party