Get Your Freshers Wristband From £10!
Get Your Freshers Wristband From £10!
Bingo Rave - 22nd Sep
Its the most bonkers bingo in the world & it lands in Preston on Sunday 22nd. Don on your super hero outfit & get them dobbers out ready for some crazy ass bingo magic. Full on madness with the bingo crew & mega prizes to be won. Straight after Bingo we head over to Super Sunday @ Rift for PT 2. *This event is only for Wristband holders only.

Event Info

  • Sunday 22nd Sep

  • Venue Wacky World 

  • Event -  Super Hero Bingo Rave

  • Opening Time - TBC

  • Drinks  Price - TBC

What your ticket gets you!

  • Guaranteed Entry

  • Q Jump In

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