Get Your Freshers Wristband From £10!
Get Your Freshers Wristband From £10!
Juicy Ft Live Pa TBC - 25th Sep

Calling all societies, groups & students. Your new Wednesday night home, welcome to Switch. Mayhem & Carange awaits with weekly theme nights, guests Pa's & £1.25 Doubles with the BFG Card! DJ's across 4 rooms. Pop – Cheese & indie, Bunker – Techno House, Bass – Rnb & Fire – Main room anthems. Week 1 Launch party see's Welcome to the jungle in the main room, Fun House In Pop, Benchmark DJ's in Bunker & DJ Banda in Bass. Massive PA to be announced!

Event Info

  • Wednesday 25th Sep

  • Venue Switch Nightclub

  • Event - Juicy Ft Live PA TBC

  • Opening Time - 9pm

  • Drinks  Price - £1.50 Doubles

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  • Guaranteed Entry

  • Q Jump In

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