Get Your Freshers Wristband From £10!
Get Your Freshers Wristband From £10!
Preston Freshers Wristband

Sunday 15th - Freshers Foam Party ft H two 0 Platnum

 Sunday 15th - Sin Sundays Full Moon Party 

Monday 16th - Dirty Antics Ft 7 DJ’s 

Tuesday 17th - Skoolies ft S Club 

 Wednesday 18th - Game On Ballers  

Wednesday 18th - Juicy  ft JOEL CORRY

Thursday 19th - Freak Of The Week Ft Miachel Griffiths

Friday 20th - Welcome Friday Quids  

Saturday 21st - Switch Saturdays ft Tulisa  

 Sunday 22nd - Super Sunday Rift & Bingo Rave 

 Monday 23rd - Dirty Antics Ft 7 Dj’s 

 Tuesday 24th - Big interactive Phone Quiz

Wednesday 25th - Game On - Ballers 

Wednesday 25th - Juicy ft PA TBC 

Thursday 26th - Freak Of The Week Ft Glitter Party 

 Friday 27th - Quids 

Saturday 28th - Switch Saturdays Ft Wstrn 

Sunday 29th Sept - Closing Party 

Wristband Info

  • Sunday 15th - Sunday 29th

  • Guaranteed Discount Entry

  •  Guaranteed Q Jump In

Welcome to your official & *ONLY* Preston Freshers 2019 Line-Up, Brought to you by Preston Freshers & Insta Nights (Formerly Future-Uni). For the past 10 years, we have handed you the biggest and best line-up hosted throughout Preston's best-loved venues.
Over 15+ mega events over 14 nights all on one Wristband. If you fancy saving money, time waiting in ques & guaranteed entry to all events, grab your Pre-sale wristband while you can. Each year we sell out weeks in advance.

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